An Embryoscope is a new type of incubator that allows the embryologist to monitor embryo cell divisions while the embryos are still in the incubator. The incubator has a built-in camera that can take pictures of the embryos at timed intervals. These pictures are then combined to create a time-lapse video showing the embryo’s development at every vital stage. By watching when and how the embryos divide our embryology team can assess if development is taking place normally. An incubator mimics the physiological conditions in a woman’s body as closely as possible to provide an optimal environment for the embryos while they are in the IVF laboratory. Embryoscope care in laboratory in kandivali

How does it work?

After the egg retrieval procedure, the eggs and sperm (from the partner or donor) are mixed together in the IVF lab so that fertilization may occur. The embryos that are created need to be placed need to be placed in the protected environment of an incubator. The EmbryoScope is a special type of Time-lapse incubator which supplies the ideal environmental conditions for embryos to grow outside the body. With the EmbryoScope, the embryos stay in the incubator throughout the 5-7 day incubation period.

The Embryoscope takes pictures of the embryo every ~10 minutes. These images are then strung together into a small time lapse movie. This allows an embryologist to monitor the cell divisions and advancement of each embryo constantly while the embryo is still safe in the incubator.

Being able to watch the embryos grow without exposing them to conditions outside the incubator is a huge benefit, but it is only the beginning. Learning algorithms are constantly searching the data for patterns, and growing evidence suggests that there are certain key time points in development that are tied to positive or negative results.

This means that the EmbryoScope can help an embryologist predict a lot about the further development and pregnancy potential of each embryo. These crucial developmental changes can only be observed with the help of the EmbryoScope’s time lapse camera.

With the aid of this priceless information, the very best embryos can be selected by the Embryologists for transfer. Patients can achieve greater success, in a shorter time frame which can make all the difference.

Benefits of Embryoscope

  • Provides superior image quality
  • Improves chances of pregnancy
  • Offers more information about the embryo
  • Regulates carbon dioxide and temperature control, mimicking a human womb.
  • Allows our embryologists to visually follow the development of an embryo like never before and determine which embryo is the most healthy and viable to transfer.
  • Monitors and evaluates embryo development without disruption.