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Secondary Infertility

Secondary Infertility means having trouble conceiving for at least a year (for women aged under 35) after you have had one child or more already. For women aged over 35 Secondary Infertility maybe diagnosed if they are unable to conceive for 6 months onwards. It may have various causes. But there is a lot of overlap between the causes of primary infertility and secondary infertility. Secondary Infertility care in kandivali

What Are The Causes Of Secondary Infertility?

  • Drop in sperm quality - With age men undergo a lot of physical change. This may cause a decrease in sperm production rate, a reduction in motility or the cell structure itself might deteriorate.
  • Fallopian tube problems - These include obstruction in fallopian passage, ovulation disorders due to ageing, Endometriosis and other uterine conditions.
  • Complications in previous pregnancies - Your medical history, especially obstetrical medical history may determine the cause.
  • New medication - Other unrelated medications medicines may have a deleterious effect on your Reproductive system.