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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is mainly a to-the-point treatment where hormonal pills are used for resuming ovulation. Sometimes having severe hormonal imbalance can lead to irregular periods. In the worst-case scenario, it can also lead to cysts in the ovary. Drugs used for ovulation induction treatment and women who cannot ovulate on their own take help of these. Moreover, ovulation induction helps in producing healthy eggs so that your ovary produces a healthy egg every month.

Ovulation induction indications

If you are suffering from anovulation, opting for ovulation induction is the best option. At times, disorders like PCOS, poor nutrition, or too much workout can cause anovulation. After you start taking the medications, you will soon start facing some symptoms. For example, bloating, nausea, hot flashes, tenderness in the pelvic region, blurred vision, etc. If you feel uncomfortable with the symptoms, then it is best if you immediately consult doctors.

Who is ovulation induction suitable/recommended for?

Ovulation induction treatment is easy and safe to opt for by many women. For example, women suffering from infrequent ovulation or the ones who do not ovulate at all can opt for this treatment procedure. Doctors provide various fertility drugs based on the symptoms as well as the issues. Similarly, women having unexplained infertility issues can also opt for ovulation induction treatment. Fertility drugs are essential for those suffering from infertility. The reason behind this is it helps in increasing ovulation so that it becomes easy to conceive. Patients, undergoing IVF treatments also take ovulation induction medicine to increase the egg production rate.

What Are The Success Rates?

The individual response to the drug regimens varies from patient to patient. Therefore an accurate prediction of success rates cannot be given. It might take up to 6 cycles for the results to be clear.

Are There Any Risks To Ovulation Induction?

There may be since side effect of the Follicle stimulating drug Regimen. Up to 10 percent pregnancies may result in twins. There is a one percent chance of having triplets too. Best care of Ovulation Induction in kandivali