Operative Laparoscopy

Operative laparoscopy is a procedure used to help diagnose and treat a woman’s pelvic condition. By using a specialized camera called a laparoscope, the doctor can view the inside of your abdomen on a video screen. This will allow him or her to see abnormalities more clearly, and determine if treatment is required, which involves operational remedies.

The laparoscope, a narrow instrument similar to a telescope attached to a fiberoptic flexible light cable, is inserted, allowing visual inspection of the pelvic organs through a very tiny incision. This allows us to look for abnormalities that lead to infertility without the need for major surgery. Many conditions can be treated surgically too through additional small incisions in the lower abdomen. The carbon dioxide gas is then released and the incisions are stitched. There will be 1-2 stitches for a diagnostic laparoscopy and 3-4 stitches totally at the points of entry of the instruments for an operative laparoscopic surgery. Patient can be discharged very early compared to open procedures. Pain may be experienced (usually in the form of shoulder pain) as a little carbon dioxide may remain and until it is absorbed, will irritate the diaphragm( muscle separating the chest from the abdomen). Patients in need of minimally invasive surgical procedures can find operative laparoscopy services in Kandivali.