Priyanka Singh

Dr. Vidya Patil was our hero throughout our pregnancy and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts. Our relationship with her transitioned naturally from that of a patient and doctor (as normally expected) to that of a parent-to-be and mentor.

Manoj Rewale

Dr. Vidya Patil is very much experienced and friendly. She is the best counselor in medical problems. Hospital is well equipped and organized. Nursing staff, assistant staff all are very caring and loving. I am lucky that I got such Dr. Thank you very much!

Manish Gupta

Hospital is well maintain and doctor is so friendly and clear all the doubts of the patient

Chaitrali Khupte

I delivered a baby boy 9 months ago. In my pregnancy many problems arose during 6 month, but dr.vidya patil was too calm and made me too. My baby had 2 loops of umbilical cord around his neck. . .